our services

The Santa Rosa Kids’ House is a Child Advocacy Center that has been serving abused and neglected children in Santa Rosa County since June 2008. Learn more about how we help abused children and their families.


Beyond its effective approach to child abuse cases, the Santa Rosa Kids’ House offers on site specialized sexual abuse therapy to help child victims and their families recover from their abuse.


In order to stop the cycle of abuse Santa Rosa Kids’ House staff members participate in community outreach to increase public awareness about healthy relationships, child abuse and the recovery process.


As the state-designated Children’s Advocacy Center, Santa Rosa Kids’ House is responsible for coordinating all child sexual abuse cases in Santa Rosa County by working with its partner agencies.

our mission

To deliver a well-coordinated and multi-disciplined response to child abuse in an environment that puts the needs of the child first

For most of us, we will never know what it is like to have our innocence taken and our trust betrayed, but for some that’s all too familiar.

Research suggests that one-in-four girls and one-in-six boys will be the victim of some type of sexual abuse/assault before they are 18 years old. This translates to almost 15 million children who will be sexually abused or assaulted over the next 18 years.

This crisis in our society must be stopped and the Santa Rosa Kids’ House is the biggest step in that direction for our own community.

Photo of a child playing with finger paints